Our Experience Will Likely Be Worse Than China’s

There are positives from this virus. Satellite photos show massive reduction in pollution over China. Who thought that this virus will drastically reduce carbon emissions? Who knows, maybe this virus will save more lives than it kills. Thousands get killed every year in car accidents. With such a reduction in driving, there will be far fewer deaths caused by cars. My friend’s wife works for an insurance company. Their profits will go through the roof because car accident claims have disappeared.

However, our experience will likely be worse than not only the small Asian countries, but also China’s experience. Not only do everyone in these countries wear masks, China stopped all domestic travel (planes, trains, taxis and screened car traffic) when it locked down Wuhan and 7 other cities in January. This is “social distancing” for cities. To this day, people from Wuhan are still not allowed to leave the city. China saved their other cities, to a certain extent, such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

Contrast this to Canada and the U.S. Hundreds of flights were allowed to leave the hot spots (New York, Washington state) every day, spreading it to all the other American cities. People in Chicago, Dallas, etc., should be angry.

China limited the problem to a region of their country. The U.S. (and Canada) is letting the virus infect its entire country from coast to coast.

Even China has flattened its curve. We can write an instructional manual on how to NOT flatten the curve.

This means that this virus has the potential to impact our economy more so than China’s.

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