How South Korea “flattened the curve”

Take a look at these Korean apps helping people avoid areas infected by the coronavirus.

There are probably dozens of Canadians who can develop these apps as well, but only if the government provides the data.

“The app collects data from public government info including the Korea Centers for Disease Control to show the date a patient was diagnosed with COVID-19, along with the person’s nationality, age, gender, and where they visited.

If a person using the app comes within 100 meters, or about 328 feet, of a place where a person carrying the virus has been, they get a push notification warning”

I don’t think there is a privacy issue because names of the infected are not provided.

“These precautions in South Korea are in addition to measures by government and health officials, including efficient “drive-thru” testing that takes less than 10 minutes.”

This is partly how South Korea stopped the virus from continuing to grow exponentially.  South Korea has done other things as well, such as restricting travel, aggressive testing, aggressive contact tracing and wearing masks, that many Western countries and other countries have not done and still are not doing. Hence, South Korea has significantly lower “Tot Cases/1M pop”.

In other words, South Korea has “flattened the curve”.  Italy and Spain have not.  Several other countries will not.

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